Best Places to Travel with Family

A family vacation is a great way to relax and recreate family bonds while having fun and experiencing new places or cultures. An ideal travel location for the whole family should provide a lot of fun for the kids and adult alike while also being educative as well. So where exactly is the best place to travel with family?

Regardless of the Season, You are Planning to Travel

Visiting Colorado is one sure way to spend your vacation. With a lot of rental homes littered all over the state which is quite cheaper than booking hotel rooms while having enough space for everyone. The state doesn’t just offer a breath taking a view of the highest mountain peaks; it also has amazing natural wonders and attractions that often blow away the minds of travelers. This makes it one of the best places to travel with family.

this are the best places to travel with family

The Great Canyons has over 6000 archaeological sites representing the Ancestral Puebloan and several other Native American cultures; you could also visit the Anasazi Heritage Center or the historic landmarks and prehistoric settlements and learn about how they contributed to Colorado and The US today.

Northwestern Colorado

In Northwestern Colorado is a national monument which features a trail system that cuts across the red sand pillars, magnificently formed arches and numerous interesting rock formations that rise as high as hundreds of feet over the Grand Valley. This location is great for outdoor activities such as hiking bicycling or horseback riding.

While in Colorado, you may consider visiting any of the National Forest Reserves. This can be one of the best places to travel with family. Mount Elbert located in the San Isabel National Forest is the highest peak in the state; it also features some other famous mountain ranges including the Sawatch. You may also consider visiting the Pike National Forest located near Colorado Springs where Pike Peaks can be found. Pike Peaks is one of the most visited mountains in Northern America; you can even drive to the top of the mountain or take a ride on the Pike Peaks Cog Railway.

Denver City Park

Denver City Park is another great location you should also consider visiting, it has great tourist attractions like the Denver Zoo and The Museum of Nature and Science which offer several exhibitions and programs which are exciting and informative especially for the kids. The Denver Art Museum is another excellent location, famous for its wide range of Native American art collection as well as a huge collection of Asian Arts.

Away from the national monuments, parks, museums, and forests, Colorado has several other tourist attractions which include the Air Force Academy Chapel built in 1962, it is a national historic landmark considered to be a perfect example of modern architecture. The Denver Mint is also worth seeing; their free company tour offers an insight to the world largest coin producer.

Colorado has so many more fun and informative locations which may include the Bent’s Old Fort National Historic Site, the Sand Creek Massacre Historic Site and the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area to list a few more. All of these awesome locations make the state of Colorado one of the best places to travel with family.