Visiting the West Midlands in England with Family

this is an aerial view of west midlands

Are you planning a trip to the West Midlands? This region offers the best vacation destination for families. It is found in the metropolitan county of central England.

This place has many fascinating places to visit with your family for relaxation and fun.

Places to Visit in West Midlands

In the West Midlands, you will be amazed when you visit the following places.

The botanical gardens. This is a must see a beautiful place. It contains four glasshouses and children playgrounds. You may also prefer to visit Baggendge Country Park found in this region. It is a wonderful place to visit with family. It contains a pool where children can swim. It is also a good place for walking and mountain biking with children’s playground. If you are traveling with children it is famous for children playing facilities.  It also hosts a great archaeological interest and ancients monuments.

Another incredible place not to miss out is the Cannon Hill Park. This is the most treasured parks by travelers.

Things to Do in the West Midlands with Family

If you want to have fun and relaxation then this is a perfect place to go. This region is packed with dazzling theatres, restaurants, exhibition centers and shopping malls.

this is a bus in west midland which you can use as you travel around

In case you have kids visit the West Midlands safari park and leisure park. You will be delighted to see wild animals like elephants, wild cats, wolves, rhinos. You can be sure your family will enjoy this view. You will definitely love the adventurous nature walk up to the top of the hills.

The Most Beautiful Things to see in the West Midlands

This place is full of amazing sites to travel to and enjoy your holiday with the family. First, you can visit the gorgeous river Wye and Wye valley. This is is the fifth longest river in the United Kingdom. It is an area of outstanding beauty you will love to see.

this is an attraction in west midland river Wye and Wye valley.

While visiting this region do not miss out on the Per Museum found in Hockley. This is the city’s most unique and an award winning museum.

You will also love to take your children to Baggendge Country Park. This is an awesome park, beautiful and strange. It also has a pool where children can pond.

West Midlands is a home of Malvern and Clent hills, for hiking. When you reach the top you will have a perfect view of the countryside.

The Best Time to Visit the West Midlands

No one wishes to hang out on a beach in the rainy season or summer especially if you are interested in climbing the hills and slopes. Therefore it very important to note the season to visit this region for an enjoyable vacation.

The best time to visit the West Midlands is from April to early June or from September to October, in case you wish to experience good weather or at least in the mid-late July.

For those who will travel in January than at least carry an umbrella, a rain coat, and warm clothes. It is the coldest month and with a lot of rains. April is typically wet. Have a wonderful vacation in the West Midlands.