A Trip for Your Family and Kids, Reserve Monteverde in Costa Rica

Popularly known as Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, this beautiful reserve is located in Costa Rica, mostly famous for its unique green oasis of cloud forests. One of the most popular places in the world if your family is interested to explore rare nature sites and animals. Why is this place perfect for your kids? What Monteverde’s cloud forest has to offer your family?

Why is this Reserve perfect for your family and kids?

Near the town Monteverde, this reserve offers your family 6 different ecological zones full of different animals, rare forests and highly rich flora and fauna.  Certainly, the most famous part of this reserve is the cloud forest, a breathtaking green oasis with large sites for your family to explore.

Many animal and plant species, rare and almost extinct are protected and available to see in this reserve. Your family can explore the forest, watch amusing animals in their natural habitat, and have the most amazing trip experience of their lives.

this is an adventure for monte verde reserve

Educational and Entertaining Tours for Your Kids

This reserve offers you to choose and take an entertaining and yet educational tour. Your kids will be able to learn new things while having fun on the tours.  Different types of tours in a different part of the reserve. Your family should not miss exploring the cloud forests and learn about the animals inside the deep green oasis.  

Take your kids on the amazing sky walks, to see and learn about the rare ecosystem in this reserve. If your kids are older, they can go on the sky trek tour, flying over the cloud forest. They would certainly have the time of their lives enjoying this tropical experience.

Take your whole family on the canopy tour in the middle of the water, this tour goes deep into the cloud forest and your family will be able to explore many natural beauties of this reserve and to see rare amazing animals living in their natural habitat. Arrange for your kids a horseback riding tour and go bird watching in the forests.

Every one of these tours has a professional and experienced guide that not only will educate you and give you complete information about the reserve, but your kids will be protected while exploring the reserve.

these are some of the flora in monte verde reserve that the kids will surely enjoy

Your Kids will Love this Reserve

Traveling to this reserve is well worth. It is unique, offers many different types of activities that will be fun and entertaining for every member of your family.  Every kid likes animals and this reserve offers them to see many different species of animals, like birds, mammals, reptiles deeply living in the clouds forests. Your kids will be able to learn about these animals watching them in live, be close to them and see them living in their natural habitat.

this is a bird in the monte verde reserve

Your kids will be amazed by this place and learn many new things while enjoying every tour they take. They will certainly have the time of their lives in this reserve.