How to Get Your Baby to Handle Flights

Have you ever noticed that the pre-flight instructions are very brief about what to do for your children or for infants for that matter?  Still, the most capable parents can be seen wielding their newborn in a sling in exotic locations that require a booster of no less than three immunizations.  These savvy parents can be seen bringing a little domestic scene in two plane airports scheduling their next hotel, a hotel with a view of a remote beach where they can unwind.  Getting there has been a challenge, their sleepless eyes and pale exhaustion shows it.  Dad might get up to walk their anxious toddler, a walk that keeps him awake until their connecting flight arrives.  Meanwhile, Mom is flicking through her hotel app, checking reviews and rocking their youngest to sleep.  This couple doesn’t need to be so far from home and in such desperate discomfort, but their planning and focus under pressure will pay off in just a few short hours.  Vast stretches of private beach, squeaking sand and turquoise water all wait to greet them.  Can they push on?

Traveling with children can be a trying experience but ultimately a infinitely rewarding one. Can you push yourself to do the same?

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